The /programmes endpoint provides access to the list of all programmes available on

List programmes

GET /api/programmes

  "current_page": 1,
  "data": {
    "": [
        "start_utc": 1614294000,
        "stop_utc": 1614297600,
        "title": "WWII in the Pacific",
        "sub-title": "No Surrender",
        "desc": "The war drags on in 1945 as the Japanese are determined to fight on, but a secret U.S. weapon could hasten the end of hostilities and save thousands of lives",
        "channel_name": "",
        "category": "Documentary"
        "start_utc": 1614297600,
        "stop_utc": 1614301200,
        "title": "Hitler's Empire: The Post-War Plan",
        "sub-title": "America",
        "desc": "Support for the National Socialist movement within America is uncovered. Included: revealing outposts of Nazi Germany within the land of the free; and the man thought he believed he was the American Fuhrer",
        "channel_name": "",
        "category": "Documentary"
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  "path": "",
  "per_page": 20,
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  "total": 575